UAEN Strengths and Opportunities:

Strengths of UAEN:

  1. Virtual employment is an emerging field that provides a unique opportunity for individuals with disabilities who want to enter competitive employment.
  2. Work can be done at home which allows for individuals to work at his or her own preferred pace.
  3. Workers are not limited in vocational opportunities by their respective locations.
  4. One-on-one support is provided by staff.
  5. We can keep workers from feeling isolated in a work setting who must work from home through our online community.

Opportunities of UAEN:

  1. Workers, Employment Networks, employers and the government are capable of generating a "win-win-win-win" situation.
  2. An opportunity exists for employers, employees with disabilities, the UAEN and the government to work together on a program that is a win for every sector.
  3. Workers can gradually transition from disability benefits and lead productive lives.
  4. The government can have less disability benefit payment obligations.
  5. Employers are provided with a free source of screened competent labor.
  6. The Universal Abilities Employment Network (EN) is appropriately compensated and stands to gain from its involvement/participation in the process.