Poverty Alleviation Organizations
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  • National Food Service Management Institute

  • The NFSMI’s mission "Is to provide information and services that promote the continuous improvement of Child Nutrition Programs".

    1. What can food entrepreneurs do to profitably take part in the children’s nutrition market?
    2. What is the greatest challenge confronting children’s nutrition?
      Explain your answer.

Think Change Media.org

  • Think Change

  • Think Change’s mission is to alleviate poverty in India.

    1. How can poverty in India be lessened through entrepreneurial enterprises?
    2. How can India take care of it’s rural community?

Festival of Thinkers.ac.ae

  • Festival of Thinkers

  • This festival of thinkers is a global meeting of Nobel Laureates to discuss poverty alleviation and other global issues.

University of Michigan.edu

  • Ted London

  • This publication written by Ted London outlines a unique approach to the issue of poverty alleviation.

    1. What is the most important point of this publication?
    2. If you could add one point to this publication, what would it be?