Health and Medical Ethics Organizations
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African Medical and Research

  • African Medical and Research Foundation

  • Founded in 1957, the goal of AMREF is to "Close the gap that prevents people from accessing their basic right to health".

    1. What are the advantages of AMREF having over 90% of its staff in Africa?
    2. What can be done to prevent HIV/AIDS in Africa?
    3. Devise a low cost, profitable plan for fighting malaria in Africa.

Doctors Without

  • Doctors Without Borders

  • Doctors without Borders is an independent humanitarian organization that delivers emergency health care to regions in crisis in over 70 countries.

    1. How can badly needed medical care be enhanced in such regions as Mogadishu, Somalia?
    2. How can new malaria medicine be mass produced in a cost efficient manner?


  • Global Health Council

  • The mission of the Council is to "Work to ensure that all who strive for improvement and equity in global health have the information and resources they need to succeed".

    1. How can children’s health be safeguarded in your region?
    2. Critique the effectiveness of the U.S. Department of Defense’s Global Health Programs.


  • Hawthorn University

  • Hawthorn University specializes in the post secondary education of Holistic Nutrition and Health Care.

    1. What are the main benefits of Holistic Nutrition?
    2. How can post secondary institutions specializing in Holistic Nutrition best serve Society?

  • Healthnet

  • Healthnet recognizes the power of personal computers as an essential tool of communication between urban health care providers and rural health care providers.

    1. How can efforts to use handheld computers to collect and deliver health information between rural and urban health care workers be enhanced?
    2. How can healthcare workers around the world better communicate?

One World

  • Institute for OneWorld Health

  • The mission of the Institute is to develop "Safe, effective and affordable new medicines for people with infectious diseases in the developing world".

    1. How can effective, affordable drugs be more easily developed?
    2. Will access to cheap generic drugs greatly help the poor even if their development is the result of drug companies not having their patents honored?

Nothing But

  • Nothing But Nets

  • Nothing But Nets is a grass roots campaign dedicated to saving lives by preventing malaria by using anti-malaria bed nets.

    1. How can nets save countless lives otherwise taken by Malaria? What can you do to help?
    2. How can the Founding Partners of be given additional favorable media attention?

  • Public Radio International

  • Public Radio International provides podcasts for cyber-viewers on a variety of social entrepreneurship topics including healthcare.

    1. Which Podcasts did you find the most useful?
    2. Why?

  • Reproductive Health Outlook

  • The RHO is dedicated to preventing cervical cancer in women.

    1. How can opportunities for preventing cervical cancer be further realized by women?


  • Schwab Foundation

  • The Schwab foundation provides timely articles on the Web pertaining to a variety of social entrepreneurship articles dealing with the subject of healthcare.

    1. How can you support the Schwab Foundation's efforts to promote Social Entrepreneurship?
    2. Which aspect of the Schwab Foundation Web Site did you find to be the most useful?
    3. Why?

  • Harvard Business School

  • Elizabeth Scharpf is named Harvard Business School’s first faculty fellow for sustainable health enterprises for women.

    1. How can business schools promote the proper development of the Health Care Industry?
    2. What should business schools include in the education of Health Care Professionals?

Unite For

  • Unite for Sight

  • Unite for Sight provides eye care for over 200,000 people-find out how you can get involved.

    1. How can eye disease among the rural poor be prevented?
    2. How can you get involved in assisting Unite For Sight?

World Health

  • World Health Organization

  • The World Health Organization provides comprehensive analysis and data on a wide variety of international health issues. Features include a comprehensive country by country and comprehensive health topics breakdown for the reader.

    1. How can your Organization assist the World Health Organization's efforts?
    2. How can the World Health Organization improve their Web Site?

World Health Care

  • World Health Care Blog

  • This World Health Care article by the World Congress is written by Fred Fortin. The article includes lessons learned from successful health programs.

    1. Tell us about a successful Health Care Program in your area.

WHC Health

  • World Health Care Congress

  • The WHCC is the "Directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations System".

    1. What can be done to minimize the international spread of disease?
    2. Critique the current World Health Report. What can we learn from it?

Biotechnology Organizations

Biotechnology Industry

  • Biotechnology Industry Organization

  • The mission of the BIO is "To be the champion of biotechnology and the advocate for its member organizations- both large and small".

    1. How can access to life-saving biotechnology medicines for the public be improved?
    2. What bioethical issues pose the greatest challenges for biotechnology companies today?
    3. How can intellectual property in the biotechnology industry be safeguarded without depriving the public of fair access to new developments?


  • FierceBiotech

  • FierceBiotech seeks to serve as a daily monitor of the biotechnology industry.

    1. Critique the free newsletter provided by FierceBiotech. What is its greatest value?
    2. What additional news should the free newsletter feature?
    3. How can venture capital for emerging biotechnology companies be acquired and/or increased?
    4. How can there be greater feasibility for global clinical trials?
    5. How can international clinical research efforts further utilize the large patient population, medical facilities and qualified medical practitioners in such countries as Taiwan, South Korea, and Malaysia?


  • The National Human Genome Research Institute focuses on the scientific, social, and ethical considerations related to the International Human Genome Project.

    1. According to ELSI, who owns and controls genetic information? Do you agree with ELSI?
    2. How do considerations of minority status affect the field of genetics?
    3. ELSI asks who should have access to personal genetic information, and how will it be used? What is your view?


  • Harvard Business School Baker Library

  • The Baker Library includes an on-line directory of relevant biotechnology organizations and their websites.

    1. How can educational institutions such as Harvard promote and encourage policy discussions and debates related to the ethical and economic ramifications of biotechnological breakthroughs?
    2. How can Harvard’s Baker Library serve as a guide for educating secondary and post secondary students?

National Center for Biotechnology

  • National Center for Biotechnology Information

  • The NCBI "Creates public databases, conducts research in computational biology, develops software tools for analyzing genome data, and disseminates biomedical information".

    1. Critique the value to the public of NCBI’s website.
    2. How can the NCBI be used as a learning tool for the general public?

Sloan Biotechnology Industry

  • Sloan Biotechnology Industry Center

  • The SBIC is "An independent, academic research center focused on the study of issues related to competitive advantage of the U.S. biotechnology industry".

    1. How can an emerging biotechnology company gain a sustainable, competitive advantage in today’s marketplace?
    2. How can interdisciplinary teams assist both the economic and social development of existing biotechnology companies?

The Hastings

    The Hastings Center
  • The Hasting Center’s purpose is "To explore fundamental and emerging questions in medicine, health care, and biotechnology".

    1. Should The Hastings Center receive additional financial support from public and/or private sources?
    2. How can The Hastings Center enhance public understanding of contemporary bioethical issues?


  • The Nonprofit Human Cloning Foundation

  • The mission of The Nonprofit Human Cloning Foundation includes promoting "Human cloning and other forms of biotechnology".

    1. Can cloning unlock the secrets of cancer?
    2. What are the greatest ethical dilemmas related to cloning?

  • UNESCO Bioethics Committee

  • UNESCO is a specialized United Nations agency dedicated to setting standards that allow for "Universal agreements on emerging ethical issues".

    1. What are the economic, social, legal, and ethical implications related to stem cell research?
    2. Do you believe the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights (10/19/05) should have been adopted by all nations? Why or why not?