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SME Toolkit

  • How to finance your business

  • This site provides a comprehensive toolkit for assisting the entrepreneur in his/her efforts to build their business. Such topics as accounting and finance, business planning, human resources, international business, legal and insurance, marketing and sales, operations, and technology are included. In terms of accounting and finance, specific guidelines are provided in regard to bookkeeping and cash flow management, budgeting and forecasting, credit and collections, financial management and reporting, finding financing, and payroll.


  • Financing your business

  • SCORE is a comprehensive small business assistance site which features interactive mentoring of aspiring entrepreneurs who are United States citizens by retired executives and business owners. Score has a plethora of online resources to help the entrepreneur finance their own business, including start-up financing, getting a loan, tax tips, business columns, business quizzes, and finance options.

Unites States Government

  • Governmental Financing

  • This is the official business link to the United States government. The link includes the ability to search for loans and grants provided by the United States government. The site also includes comprehensive guidelines for assisting the entrepreneur regarding a wide variety of small business concerns, including financing one’s business. The site specifically provides guidelines for financing your business, managing your finances, and insuring your business.

Small Business Administration

  • Small Business Administration

  • The Small Business Association provides guidelines and free online workshops on a wide range of topics related to starting and maintaining a small business. In terms of guidelines related to finance, information provided by the SBA includes general financing and accounting as well as loan and funding information. There is also information on how to prepare a loan package.

Consumer Reports

  • Consumer Reports

  • This Consumer Reports article explains how entrepreneurs can tap a variety of resources to finance their new businesses.