Entrepreneurship Links

Feasibility Studies


  • Dictionary.com

  • This site provides several definitions of feasibility. Feasibility studies are important since they help the entrepreneur determine the viability of their venture before committing their time to a full scale business plan. The basic question answered by a feasibility study is: Is this business a good idea?


  • Rurdev.usda.gov

  • This site is a United Sates Cooperative Feasibility Study Guide. It presents the important elements to consider when constructing a feasibility study. A sample of a feasibility study is included.

Northeast CHP.org

  • NortheastCHP.org

  • This site provides a comprehensive, extended sample of a feasibility study for a heat and power plant.

Financing Your Business

SME Toolkit.org

  • SMEToolkit.org

  • This site provides a comprehensive toolkit for assisting the entrepreneur in his/her efforts to build their business. Such topics as accounting and finance, business planning, human resources, international business, legal and insurance, marketing and sales, operations, and technology are included. In terms of accounting and finance, specific guidelines are provided in regard to bookkeeping and cash flow management, budgeting and forecasting, credit and collections, financial management and reporting, finding financing, and payroll.



  • SCORE is a comprehensive small business assistance site which features interactive mentoring of aspiring entrepreneurs who are United States citizens by retired executives and business owners. Score has a plethora of online resources to help the entrepreneur finance their own business, including start-up financing, getting a loan, tax tips, business columns, business quizzes, and finance options.


  • Business.gov

  • This is the official business link to the United States Government. The link includes the ability to search for loans and grants provided by the United States government. The site also includes comprehensive guidelines for assisting the entrepreneur regarding a wide variety of small business concerns, including financing one’s business. The site specifically provides guidelines for financing your business, managing your finances, and insuring your business.


  • Small Business Administration

  • The Small Business Association provides guidelines and free online workshops on a wide range of topics related to starting and maintaining a small business. In terms of guidelines related to finance, information provided by the SBA includes general financing and accounting as well as loan and funding information. There is also information on how to prepare a loan package.

Consumer Reports.org

  • Consumer Reports

  • This Consumer Reports article explains how entrepreneurs can tap a variety of resources to finance their new businesses.

Self Employment Assistance Links


  • Score

  • A nonprofit organization of retired executives who assist U.S. citizens interested in starting and/or growing their own businesses. The section includes a comprehensive template for writing a business plan as well as online workshops.

All Business.com

  • Allbusiness.com

  • This article provides guidelines to consider when training employees. It is both provided by and linked to www.allbusiness.com, a comprehensive site for small business owners that covers topics including starting a business, women in business, ecommerce, and labor and employment. The allbusiness.com site also features podcasts with industry experts.


  • Small Business Administration

  • This section of the site of the SBA features online training related to the formation of a business plan. Such topics as strategic planning, essential elements of a good business plan, writing the business plan, and using the business plan to start and maintain one’s business are included in this section of the site. The workshop includes audio and is self-paced.

My Own Business.org

  • My Own Business

  • This site features a comprehensive lesson plan on how to write a business plan. Such topics as what is a business plan, the business plan format, six steps to a great business plan, necessary factors to a business plan, and formulating and reformulating your business plan are included on the site.


  • Microsoft Small Business Center

  • This section includes a quick nine step plan for writing a business plan. Also featured on this site is a variety of information for assisting entrepreneurs with start-up ventures.

Conducting Market Research


  • Small Business Administration

  • This section of the SBA site features a variety of information pertaining to market research. Considerations related to market research, why do market research, how to conduct market research, and the process of conducting market research are included on this section of the site.


  • OLC.org

  • Although this site is primarily for guiding librarians in their efforts to assist patrons in conducting market research, it consists of many relevant features for the entrepreneur. Such topics as internal vs. external marketing research and how to write a marketing plan are included on this site.


  • JAN.wvu.edu

  • SOAR (Searchable Online Accommodation Database) is an offshoot of JAN Network. This particular link provides the reader with an extensive list of associations and organizations related to entrepreneurship and disabilities.


  • Tradeport.org

  • This site provides an extensive tutorial related to market research. Aside from reviewing why marketing research is important and how it is conducted, the site also discusses the distinction between primary and secondary market research. The site also reviews how to identify potential markets and considers what trade barriers may exist for different markets.

Recruiting Personnel

Human Resources.com

  • About.com

  • This site of About.com provides advice on how to recruit "Stars" to your organization. Also included as links to this site are articles on a wide variety of recruitment-oriented topics, including employee recruiting, networking, developing a candidate pool, and job descriptions.


  • Entrepreneur.com

  • This article by Entrepreneur.com focuses on how to recruit top talent. It includes four tips on how to improve the organizational culture of your company. Entrepreneur.com features many useful tools for the entrepreneur, including information on compensation and benefits and employee law.

Work Force Institute.org

  • WorkForceInstitute.org

  • This 14 page document compiled by Mel Kleiman of the Workforce Institute reviews how to find and recruit employees for an organization. The document discusses a step-by-step approach towards recruiting personnel.

Training Personnel

Small Biz.com

  • SMSmallbiz.com

  • This article from smallbiz.com features tips for better returns on training. The site features a wide variety of guidelines related to human resources functions of a business including information on health care for the employees of your organization.


  • Essortment.com

  • This site contains a basic article on points to consider when training personnel.

Management Concepts


  • SBInfoCanada.com
  • Entrepreneur.com
  • University Libraries of Notre Dame

  • A mission statement provides an overview of the underlying purpose of your organization. A mission statement is essential for providing an ethical framework for an organization’s activities. Here are some helpful guides related to the development of mission statements.


  • ERC.msh.org
  • Lachsr.org
  • OxfordJournals.org

  • Stakeholders are parties that affect or are affected by the individual or organization that is the unit of analysis. These guides can be used to assist in the development of stakeholder analyses.

SWOT Analysis

  • SWOT Self Assessment
  • NetMBA.com
  • BusinessAdvocacy.org
  • WorldBank.org

  • A SWOT analysis traditionally considers the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that confront an organization. Strengths are things your organization is currently good at, and weaknesses are things that your organization currently has some limitations in its operations. Opportunities are things that could go right for the organization in the future, and threats are things that could go wrong in the future. Obviously companies will reveal their strengths before they reveal their weaknesses. Also, it is arguably more difficult to determine opportunities and threats than it is to determine strengths and weaknesses. This is because opportunities and threats occur in the future. These links should guide your understanding of SWOT analyses.


Business Plans

  • Small Business Administration
  • BusinessPlans.org

  • It is essential to have a business plan if you wish to start your own business. The following links should be helpful in learning about business plans. A business plan provides the blueprint of an organization. The purpose of a business plan can be twofold:

    1. To provide a document used to persuade investors.
    2. To provide a working plan for members of the organization.