Diversity and Multiculturalism Organizations

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Access Kansas.org

  • Kansas Diversity Network

  • This website sponsored by the Kansas Diversity Network provides a discussion of frequently asked questions related to cultural diversity.

Info Today.com

  • Info Today

  • This website provided by Kenneth Fink of Pepperdine University offers an overview and many valuable links related to international business and multiculturalism.


  • Mosaic Center of Multiculturalism

  • Sponsored by the Mosaic Center of Multiculturalism of the American Advertising Federation, the Center serves as a source of information of multicultural marketing/advertising and diversity issues.


  • NHCDAC.org

  • The New Hampshire Cultural Diversity Awareness Council promotes appreciation, acceptance, and understanding of the people who comprise the various racial and ethnic groups of the state of New Hampshire.


  • UNESCO.org

  • This paper is written by Milan Mesi’c in 2004. The paper provides a comprehensive document providing perspectives of multiculturalism from Western and transitional countries.


  • Workforce Diversity

  • Edited by Workforce Diversity, this paper considers what is meant by managing diversity.